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Group seals/gaskets are the most sought after part of a coffee machine but the hardest to find -  if it will actually fit your coffee machine!

Group seals/gaskets for your coffee machine come in many sizes, so let us help you with what you need. Send us a message of what you are after and we’ll do our best to assist you!

Our industry knowledge will help you pick the right machine parts for your coffee machine. Don't waste time on google trying to find a compatibility chart, let us do the work for you!


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BWT Thero 90 System
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Reverse Osmosis System Ultra-compact and space saving drinking water solutionRemoves salts, heavy metals, organics, chlorine, micro-organisms and, microplasticsMuch more economical in flushing water than conventional appliancesLeak alarm via the LED in the event of an internal leak as well as...

BWT Besthead and Bestflush
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Head components to fit any BWT filter.  

BWT MaxiPro Cartridge QC3533P
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BWT MaxiPro Cartridge QC3533P Water Filter Services provide the wide range of easy-to-use MaxiPro water filter systems. MaxiPro systems use FIBRON high performance carbon media and have been designed for high flow rate applications and are ideal for food service, commercial...

Pesado Puck Diffuser Screen
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Pesado branded puck diffuser screens allow you to create better water diffusion. The diffuser screens will cut out some headroom in your coffee and add extra pressure for that golden pour - 1.8mm thick - 58.5mm & 53.5mm diameter -...

Tea & Coffee Jug 2.7l incl 3 ctg
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BWT Penguin 2.7L Jug Comes with 3 x Magnesium Mineralized Water Raplacement Cartridges The shapely table water filter with ergonomic handling Has a volume of 1.5 litres of filtered water Total volume 2.7 litres With elecrtonic change indicator - so...

BWT Aquameter with LCD Display 3/8"
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Water meter 1000 Managing your filter capacity The WM1000 helps you monitor filter life so optimal water is always available for perfect beverages and machine protection. A turbine flow sensor exactly measures water flow and an LCD provides information to...

BWT Bestmin Coffee Filter
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BWT Bestmin 100 M Coffee Filter Cartridge BWT bestmin COFFEE is an innovative filter that is ideally matched to BWT bestaquareverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis allows dissolved substances capable of leading to undesirable deposits – such as limescale and gypsum –...

BWT MaxiPro Head & Bracket Kit Coffee (Grey)
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BWT MaxiPro heads High quality, strong and easy installation MaxiFlow filter heads are available in a range of configurations to suit your preferred installation. Brassware and John Guest fittings provide the exact inlet and outlet connection required. Pressure limiting valves...

PRO-RO Prefilter 15 Fibron
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The PRO RO is designed for small/medium volume water applications for food service equipment. PRO RO systems feature an assembled and tested manifold assembly and is available in a range of models to suit your application.The system uses quick connect...

PRO-RO Membrane MaxiPro 15"
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PRO RO Compact line pressure RO The PRO RO is designed for small/medium volume water applications for food service equipment. PRO RO systems feature an assembled and tested manifold assembly and is available in a range of models to suit...

BWT PS Polyspun Sediment Cartridges
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PS polyspun sediment cartridges General purpose sediment cartridges Sediment filters are used to eliminate sediment, rust and particles in drinking water applications and before equipment such as ice makers, coffee machines, coolers, R.O.’s and purification systems. PS Polyspun water filter...

BWT MaxiPro COMBO Range
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BWT MaxiPro COMBO Popular. High Performance. Easy to Use BWT Australia provides a wide range of easy to use MaxiPro water filter systems. MaxiPro systems use FIBRON high-performance carbon media and have been designed for high flow rate applications and are...

MaxiPro Ctg 10" CTO Scale/Molded Block MKII


Best Water Technology (BWT) is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of replacement components for espresso and coffee machines. BWT, a company with over 30 years of experience, is a go-to for coffee enthusiasts looking to optimise their brew with a variety of different tools.

The BestMax is BWT's flagship product and is a water filtration system that helps improve coffee quality by eliminating contaminants and adjusting the water's mineral composition. The BestMax Premium's upgraded filtering features guarantee that your coffee will always be freshly brewed and aromatic.

They also offer the Max Flow System, which is meant to increase the water flow in coffee makers and decrease the likelihood of clogging and damage. Coffee makers can be protected from scale buildup with the Best Protect system, and regular cleaning with the BestHead Flex Manual is quick and simple.

Their extensive product line ensures that your coffee maker will always function optimally and brew delicious coffee every time. BWT provides everything you need to make the best cup of coffee, whether you're a professional barista or just a home aficionado.

Essential BWT Machine Tools

In order to ensure that your coffee machine continues to function properly, BWT provides a number of different accessories. Below are their top 5 must-have tools:

1) BWT BestMax Premium Water Filter Cartridges

An integral part of your coffee maker is the BWT BestMax Premium water filter cartridges. The coffee you make will always taste fantastic thanks to these cartridges, which filter out chlorine, limescale, and other water-altering substances.

2) BWT Max Flow System 

If you want perfectly brewed coffee every time, you need the BWT Max Flow Device, a high-tech system that optimizes the water flow in your coffee machine. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of limescale, which is bad for your machine.

3) BWT Best Protect 

The BWT Best Protect filter is an innovative solution that prevents scale from accumulating in your coffee maker. For many years of excellent coffee, your machine will remain in pristine shape thanks to your efforts.

4) BWT BestHead Flex User's Guide 

If you want barista-quality frothing in the convenience of your own home, the BWT BestHead Flex Manual is the manual milk frother for you. It's straightforward to employ, and it always produces top-quality outcomes.

5) BWT BestMax Water Filter Jugs

The BWT BestMax water filtration jug is a modern solution for having delicious, healthy water at home. These jugs are available in various capacities to suit your needs. Simply fill the jug with water and the BWT technology will do the rest of the work for you.

How To Use BWT Water Filters

Step 1: Determine the Right BWT Filter for Your Machine

Selecting the ideal BWT filter for your coffee maker is essential for optimum performance. Take a look at your machine's specs to see which BWT filter might work best for you.

Step 2: Replace the Old Filter

Take out the used coffee filter and toss it.

Step 3: Insert the New Filter

Your new filter should be installed in your coffee maker in accordance with the instructions provided. Check that the filter is firmly fastened before using.

Step 4: Fill the Reservoir with Water

Run clean water through the filter after filling the water tank. This procedure will ensure the filter is cleansed, and the water produced is pure and untainted.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

Enjoy a cup of coffee made to perfection with your new filter. Every cup of coffee you make will be perfect because of the pure water you use. If you want your filter to keep working as well as it did when you first got it, change it every six months.

BWT Coffee Tools FAQs

Have questions about using BWT products? Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

How long does a BWT water filter last?

It is directly proportional to how often you use it and the quality of the water where you live. A BWT water filter has an average lifespan of 6-12 months, but you should still check the water quality often and replace the filter if necessary.

What does BWT stand for as a company?

BWT is an abbreviation for "Best Water Technology," and it describes the company's commitment to producing premium water filters and other components for coffee makers.

When should I change my BWT water filter?

It is advised that you replace your BWT water filter every 6-12 months to keep your coffee tasting its best and to prevent the buildup of pollutants in your machine. You should change the filter as soon as you detect a decline in the coffee's flavour or quality.

How do you clean a BWT filter?

Take the BWT filter out of the coffee maker before cleaning it. After a quick rinse under running water, soak the filter for 10 to 15 minutes in a solution of water and a moderate detergent. After soaking, remove the filter and give it a good rinse in running water before letting it dry completely.

Get Your BWT Coffee Tools at Dolo Coffee Supplies

For the best possible coffee experience, you need the best possible equipment and supplies. That's why Dolo Coffee Supplies is the place to go for all of your BWT products. Our range of products includes everything you need to keep your coffee machine running smoothly, from water filters to machine parts. Get your essential coffee machine tools and water filters today at Dolo Coffee Supplies!