We are the main distributor of TiAmo coffee tools, we first started importing the TiAmo cold drip towers which can now be widely seen at most coffee shops in Australia.

Since then we have acquired a wide range of TiAmo coffee tools for all barista levels of experience.

Categories of TiAmo coffee & tea products include:

Tiamo Cold Drip Towers & Spare Parts - small and large sizes available in different materials

Tiamo Milk Jugs - latte art jugs in various sizes with different types of spouts 

Tiamo Pour Over gear (V60 drips and servers) - glass servers, ceramic dripper, filter papers, and more

Tiamo Tamping Mats

Tiamo Hand Grinders - glass and stainless hand grinders with ceramic burrs

Tiamo Jug Rinsers & Spare Parts - stainless steel rinsers ready for commercial use

Tiamo Dosing tools, accessories, and much more!

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Cold Drip Stainless Steel filter - Small
Out Stock

Cold Drip Stainless steel filter 36mm. For Tiamo Cold drips : HG2713, HG6333, HG2605, HG6332, HG6335 & HG6331

Coloured Tapered Milk Jug - 450ml
Out Stock

This Coloured Stainless Steel Milk jug in 450ml size, is excellent for households or cafes where 300ml just isnt enough. A thicker setting than our basic stainless steel means excellent quality and durability.  The tapered angle and rounded spout makes...

Teal Blue
Matte Black
Tamper Corner Mat
Out Stock

Our handy corner mat has a built-in rest for both the tamper and portafilter, making tamping easy and comfortable. Made of anti-slip rubber this mat overhangs any benchtop.    

Cold Drip Paper Filters 60mm
Out Stock

Pack of 100 TiAmo Paper Filters 60mm. For TiAmo Cold Drips : HG2713/HG6333/HG2605/HG6332/HG6335/HG6331/HG2669 Standard size fit all brands like Hario & Yama

Ground Coffee Holder - HG2713
Out Stock

Genuine Tiamo Spare part for Cold Drips: HG2713 & HG6332.

Metallic Tapered Milk Jug - 450ml
Out Stock

This Coloured Stainless Steel Milk jug in 650ml size. A thicker setting than our basic stainless steel means excellent quality and durability.  The tapered angle and rounded spout makes for top pouring control.   Available in Bronze, Gold and Metallic Nickel...

Nickel Black
Tiamo Jug Rinser Mechanism and Star
Out Stock

This is a complete rinser sprayer mechanism with black star to replace the damaged or lost one.

Tiamo Dosing Ring
Out Stock

The gold Tiamo dosing ring is a simple tool created to help baristas dose coffee neatly into the basket. The Shot Collar sits in the ridge of your basket edge and acts like a funnel. This makes dosing simple, keeps your work...

Tiamo Dosing Cup
Out Stock

Command a more efficient workflow by dosing into a small cup instead of directly into your portafilter. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter...

Pour Over Filter - V01
Out Stock

These are our favourite paper filters for use with the V01 Ceramic Dripper. Each box contains 100 paper filters. Available in bleached and unbleached.

Jug Rinser Small
Out Stock

This Small Jug Rinser allow you to tip out excess milk and rinse immediately. The stainless steel insert can be installed directly into the bench and connected to the mains and drain of your coffee machine. If you prefer not to...

Titanium Plated Milk Jug - 360ml
Out Stock

This GOLD titanium milk jug is a stand-out! These quality milk pitchers are stainless steel with titanium plating on the outside. Super sturdy, durable, and elegant in this bright gold shade. These come in three sizes and have measurements on...



Do you want the best possible coffee brew, but don't have the right equipment? Tiamo coffee tools are the best on the market, and you can find them here at Dolo Coffee Supplies. Tiamo has risen to prominence as a leading manufacturer of high-end coffee accessories thanks to its long history and unwavering dedication to quality.

Dolo Coffee Supplies is committed to being the industry leader in both quality of service and selection of products. This is why we're so pleased to stock such a varied assortment of Tiamo coffee accessories, all of which come with our assurance of high quality for your complete pleasure.

Tiamo has the best coffee equipment, whether you're a professional barista, an avid coffee drinker, or just someone who wants to spice up their morning brew. Why hold off? Get the finest coffee tools available, and your drinking experience will be nothing short of sublime. Dolo Coffee Supplies is your one-stop shop for Tiamo.

Why Choose Tiamo?

Tiamo is widely recognised as a premier manufacturer of high-quality coffee tools. Throughout its history, the company has been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, cutting-edge equipment for brewing the ideal cup of coffee. Listed below are five benefits of using Tiamo coffee tools:

1) Durable and Long-Lasting

Tiamo products are built to last with premium components and finishings. You can trust that any of their products, like their coffee dripper or cold dripper, will hold up to regular use without fail.

2) Easy To Use

The focus throughout product development at Tiamo is on the customer. Easy-to-follow instructions and user-friendly design make it possible for anyone to make and enjoy a great cup of coffee with their equipment. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned barista or just getting started; they have what you need.

3) Innovative Design

When it comes to making coffee equipment, Tiamo is always on the cutting edge. Every year, they release a slew of new and improved coffee brewing devices guaranteed to elevate your coffee-making experience. All of their coffee tools, from coffee drippers to cold drippers, are not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.

4) Wide Selection

You can get many different kinds of coffee equipment and supplies from Tiamo. They have everything you need, whether it's a coffee dripper, cold dripper, or something else. With so many options, you can select the ideal tools and equipment for your coffee-making requirements.

5) Consistency Quality

Tiamo's devotion to excellence is shown in all of its products, from coffee grinders to pour-over brewers. The outcomes are reliable and consistent regardless of the method used.

Top Tiamo Products You Should Have

Tiamo provides a variety of best-selling goods that you should check out if you're trying to update your coffee-making setup. Five of their most popular choices are as follows:

1) Tiamo Drip Coffee

The Tiamo coffee drip is a time-tested method for preparing the perfect cup of coffee every time. The Tiamo coffee drip is ideal for brewing coffee for one or a whole pot.

2) Tiamo Cold Dripper

If you're looking for something different and revitalising in your cup of coffee, the Tiamo cold dripper is the way to go. This cutting-edge appliance produces cold brew coffee that is creamy, flavorful, and refreshing. The Tiamo cold dripper is the ideal appliance to have on hand if you're trying to shake up your usual morning brew or are simply looking to broaden your horizons.

3) Tiamo Double Cold Drip

Try the Tiamo double cold drip for a more robust version of iced coffee. This cutting-edge device allows you to brew iced coffee that tastes more refined and robust than ever before. This coffee will taste like no other thanks to the two-stage slow dripper.

4) Tiamo Coffee Parts

You may find Tiamo coffee dripper and cold dripper replacement parts among their many other coffee-related products. Tiamo provides what you need if you need a replacement part or if you just want to personalise your coffee-making setup.

5) Tiamo Double Cold Drip

The Tiamo Double Cold Drip is an indispensable appliance for coffee connoisseurs who wish to try out a variety of brewing techniques. The two-cup capacity of this cold coffee maker makes it ideal for brewing iced coffee for two people. The glass and stainless steel construction keep the coffee tasting fresh for longer. The water flow control valve on the double cold drip coffee maker lets you adjust the drip rate. This guarantees a perfectly prepared pot of coffee, guaranteed to be both flavorful and invigorating.

Tiamo FAQs

How do you use tiamo cold drip?

Set up the Tiamo cold drip by adding coffee grounds to the basket, filling the water reservoir, and setting the drip rate. Once the required coffee strength has been achieved, the cold brew coffee can be served over ice or stored in the refrigerator for subsequent use.

How is drip coffee made?

Brewing drip coffee involves pouring hot water through a filter containing coffee grounds. Dripping coffee brews by allowing water to percolate through ground coffee before being collected in a carafe or mug.

What is slow-drip coffee?

The term "slow drip coffee" describes a specific method of brewing coffee in which the water is poured over the grounds at a slower, more controlled rate. You can do this with the help of a slow-drip coffee maker or a manual cold brew system. Coffee extracted in this manner is mellower and less acidic than coffee extracted at a higher rate.

How do you make a cold drip?

A cold drip can be prepared using just a cold dripper, coffee grounds, and water. The coffee grinds should be put into the cold dripper's basket first. The next step is to fill the reservoir with water and alter the drip setting so that water slowly reaches the coffee grounds. In order to achieve the necessary intensity, steep the coffee for several hours. When finished, pour the cold brew coffee over ice or put it in the fridge to drink later.