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Whether you are a professional or home barista, coffee tamping mats are among the most essential tools to have at your disposal. In a nutshell, a coffee tamper mat can be described as a rubber or silicone-made flat surface designed to provide you with a consistent surface on which to tamp coffee grounds in a portafilter.
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Coffee Accessories - Rubber Tamping Mats
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The Coffee Accessories tamping mats are made from 100% rubber, especially formulated for commercial use. The rubber has been shaped to accomodate most commercial grade coffee tools. The ergonomic design will help protect your coffee bench while keeping your focus on...

Tamper Corner Mat
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Our handy corner mat has a built-in rest for both the tamper and portafilter, making tamping easy and comfortable. Made of anti-slip rubber this mat overhangs any benchtop.    



The right coffee tamping mat from Dolo Coffee Supplies helps you make a great cup of coffee through even extraction by ensuring that the coffee grounds are evenly distributed and tamped down to a consistent level. 

In addition to helping you make the perfect cup every time, a silicone coffee tamper mat also acts as a protective surface for both the counter and portafilter. It also helps you to avoid any unnecessary damage and makes it easy for any messes to be wiped away.

If you are shopping for the best coffee tamper mats Australia has to offer, look no further than Dolo Coffee Supplies. However, please keep reading below so that you can make an informed buying decision when it comes to choosing the best tamping mates for your needs.

Uses Of Tamping Mats

As one of the most essential coffee tools when it comes to making the perfect cup of coffee, tamping mats have a variety of uses, including:  

Creating A Consistent Tamping Surface

As mentioned above, a tamping mat is primarily used in creating a consistent surface over which you can perfectly tamp coffee grounds in a portafilter. For a great cup of coffee, you will need to tamp the grounds to a consistent level. A tamping mat will help you to achieve this consistency with ease.    

Holding The Tamper In Place

Tamper mats from Dolo Coffee Supplies are designed to hold the portafilter in place during the tamping process. This helps keep the tamper and portafilter from moving around as you apply even pressure during tamping. Some mats even come with a portafilter rest included in their design. Some designs also come with a tamper rest included in the design as well. With such a mat, you can be sure that everything you need in the tamping process is within reach at all times.  

Ensuring A Clean And Presentable Set-up

Tamping mats from Dolo Coffee Supplies come in handy when it comes to keeping your entire coffee brewing setup clean and presentable. In addition to their compact and appealing visual design, these mats come with a raised edge. This helps keep any coffee grounds that end up falling off the portafilter from finding their way onto the counter – and making things messy. As mentioned above, these mats can be used to neatly organise tamping supplies as well.  

Shock Absorption

Dolo Coffee Supplies’ tamping mats are designed with a sufficient amount of padding. The padding plays a huge role in absorbing the shock and force applied on the tamper and portafilter during the tamping process. Without the mat, all the force would end up being transferred directly onto the counter.   

Drying Purposes

Tamper mats are also used for drying purposes. Larger mats with a wide surface area can be used for drying all sorts of coffee-making supplies such as the taper, portafilter and even coffee mugs after cleaning. Such mats normally come with raised bumps for faster drying.   

Benefits Of Using Coffee Tamper Mat 

Baristas choose to use tamping mats for a variety of reasons. Some of the main benefits of using a tamper mat include: 

Reducing Noise

Tamping coffee grounds using a heavy metal tamper can be noisy – especially if you are doing it on a hard surface like the counter in your kitchen. If you normally make your coffee in the morning, then you definitely want to avoid making too much noise – especially if other family members are still asleep. By absorbing the force involved in the tamping process, a coffee mat from Dolo Coffee Supplies will make things much quieter.  

Preventing Damage

You can benefit a lot from having a tamping mat from Dolo Coffee Supplies if you have nice kitchen countertops that you don’t want to damage when making your coffee. Bringing down a heavy tamper on a portafilter can scratch or damage your countertops with time. By absorbing the shock of the impact and force involved in the tamping process, a tamper mat can go a long way towards protecting your countertops and portafilter from unnecessary damage. 

Even Distribution Of Coffee Grounds

Even distribution of coffee grounds in a portafilter is essential when it comes to ensuring that you end up with the perfect cup. By keeping the portafilter stable during the tamping process, a tamper mat makes it easier for you to ensure a consistently level tamp. 

Ease of Use

In addition to helping you to consistently level the coffee grounds in your portafilter, a good tamping mat also reduces the strain on your wrists and elbows by keeping the tamper and portafilter in one place during the tamping process. This means there is reduced physical strain on your part.    

Keeps Things Clean

Our well-designed coffee tamping mats play an important role in keeping your counter clean throughout the coffee-making process. Raised edges keep coffee grounds from falling onto the counter. This reduces the amount of cleaning work you need to do after making the perfect cup of coffee.  

Coffee Tamping Mat FAQs

Are Tamping Mats Necessary?

Yes. If you care about yourself, your kitchen and your equipment, you should definitely invest in a coffee tamper mat. A padded and nonslip mat makes it easier for you to apply the necessary pressure when tamping coffee grounds, without increasing the risk of straining your wrist. Furthermore, these mats protect your counter and portafilter from damage during the tamping process. 

What Does A Coffee Tamper Mat Do? 

Tamping mats are used to prevent denting your tamper and/or damaging your countertop. It helps to keep the portafilter in one place during the tamping process, these mats also help you achieve a level and consistent tamp with ease. As such, a tamping mat also helps improve your tamping skills and results. 

What Is The Best Coffee Tamper?

Considering the wide selection of coffee tampers on the market, the best option depends mainly on your machine and preferences. With that said, be sure to look for something that is solidly built and sufficiently heavy in your hands. A solidly built tamper with fewer moving parts is bound to bear the force applied during tamping without a high likelihood of getting damaged. Furthermore, a suitable tamper should be heavy enough to bear weight on the coffee grounds without requiring too much effort from you – however, it should also not weigh a ton.   

What Can I Use Instead Of A Coffee Tamper?

If you do not have a coffee tamper but still want to tamp your coffee for even extraction, consider using anything round and cylindrical, with a flat base/surface for tamping. This may include anything from a rolling pin, mason jar lid or empty glass bottle.  

You should avoid using anything that is not circular and flat, including jars without airtight lids and bottle tops (not designed for jars) as tampers. 

Why Buy Coffee Tamping Mats From Dolo 

As you can see from the above, coffee tamping mats are an essential piece of equipment to be paired with your espresso machine. These simple accessories have an important role to play when it comes to preparing the perfect cup of coffee, whether at home or in a commercial setting. 

Looking for the best coffee tamping mats Australia has to offer? Check out the selection available from Dolo Coffee Supplies. Here you will find the best mats available on the market.