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Welhome Pro Coffee is a one-stop shop stocked with high-quality coffee equipment for both amateur and expert brewers. Welhome Pro Coffee was founded on the principle of giving serious coffee drinkers a better alternative, and they've been doing just that for years.

Coffee connoisseurs and baristas alike can purchase a custom-built Welhome coffee machine. Coffee grinders, accessories, components, and equipment are all available at Welhome Pro Coffee to help you brew the best coffee imaginable. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or a complete amateur, Welhome Pro Coffee has everything you need to make a perfect cup every time.

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The ProSteam professional milk steamer by WPM is made of high quality stainless steel ensuring durability and modern appearance. The Prosteam is equipped with highly efficient heater for generating continuous and powerful steam. Fully Automatic-Target Temperature can be set (+/- 1 Degree...

WPM - Domestic Coffee Grinder
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   WPM Conical Burr Coffee Grinder Grind coffee to any size with the Welhome Coffee Grinder Conical Burr ZD-10T. This intuitively designed grinder is designed to work for espresso brewing, french presses, and everything in between. The grinder is equipped with...

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WPM collaboration with IVY LKY the 2016 New York Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion. 500ml Metallic green 'Never Stand Still' etched design Lighter jug so you can feel the change of the milk flow Wide sharp spout which is perfect for...

WPM Milk Jug - 500ml
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500ml Available in 3 colors Drop spout designed for froth placement and etching, perfect for pouring more creative patterns  

Saphire Blue
Matte Black
Matte White
WPM x IVY LKY Milk Jug
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WPM collaboration with IVY LKY the 2016 New York Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion. 500ml Brushed stainless steel with 'Never Stand Still' etched design Lighter jug so you can feel the change of the milk flow Wide sharp spout which is...

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The ESPCUP by WPM allows you to sift your coffee grounds, breaking them up and evenly distributing them into the filter basket. How it worksPlace the ESPCUP on your portafilter, pour your coffee grounds into the ESPCUP and turn the...

WPM Dosing Cup
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Utilizing the wpm dosing cup to efficiently dose straight into the cup to achieve a consistant workflow. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter...


What Products Does Welhome Pro Coffee Offer?

Welhome Pro Coffee machines are built to streamline the coffee-making process so that you can experience the best cup of coffee possible every time. Welhome Pro Coffee items improve coffee for everyone, from seasoned experts to newcomers.

The company's dedication to creating high-quality goods inspires trust among consumers, who know they can rely on the brand's products to perform reliably and last for years. Welhome Pro Coffee's high-quality tools and accoutrements will help you become a coffee connoisseur and barista in no time.

Advantages Of Using Welhome Pro Coffee Tools

1) Improved Taste and Quality of Coffee

The improved flavour and quality of the coffee you brew are only some of the key benefits of utilising Welhome Pro Coffee equipment. You can trust that your coffee will be prepared to perfection with a Welhome Pro Coffee maker because they are built with cutting-edge technology and features. Every cup of coffee can be made to perfection with the help of a Welhome Pro Coffee machine because of the machine's adaptability to changes in water temperature, pressure, and other factors.

2) Ease of Use

Easy operation is another feature of Welhome Pro Coffee equipment. You can get started brewing coffee straight away with the help of these simple-to-use devices and accessories. Welhome Pro Coffee tools are ideal whether you are a professional barista or just starting out.

3) Durability and Reliability

Welhome Pro Coffee tools are renowned not only for their high quality and user-friendliness but also for their longevity and dependability. You can rest assured that you will continue to make excellent coffee for many years to come with the help of these high-quality machines and accessories. You can rest assured that your purchase of Welhome Pro Coffee equipment is a long-lasting investment in your coffee-making endeavours.


How long does a coffee machine last?

A coffee machine's longevity depends on a number of things, such as the machine's make and model, how often it's used, and how well it's maintained. If maintained correctly, a high-quality coffee machine can last for up to 15 years. However, if a coffee maker routinely experiences breakdowns or other defects, it may need to be replaced before its expected lifespan is up.

What is WPM coffee machine?

WPM is a popular manufacturer of both domestic and commercial coffee makers and accessories. Espresso, cappuccino, and other coffee beverages can be made accurately and consistently with a WPM coffee machine. The company's products are well-known for their cutting-edge features, high quality, and simple designs.

Is WPM espresso machine good?

Customers have given WPM espresso machines overwhelmingly positive reviews, making them a top pick for domestic and commercial use. These appliances have high-quality boilers, adjustable settings, and user-friendly interfaces in order to ensure accuracy and reliability in every preparation. You can buy the WPM espresso machine with complete peace of mind knowing that it is constructed from long-lasting materials and comes with a guarantee.

How to safely use a coffee machine?

To reduce the risk of injury, read and follow all cleaning, maintenance, and operating instructions provided by the coffee machine's manufacturer. In addition, consider the following safety guidelines when operating a coffee machine:

  • For safety, disconnect the power cord before cleaning or servicing any device.
  • Avoid using anything but coffee-machine-safe cleaning chemicals when maintaining your machine.
  • Ensure that the equipment is firmly planted and not swaying.
  • Don't put your hands near the boiler or steam wand; they get very hot!
  • Put the coffee maker away somewhere dry and secure so it won't get broken or cause any accidents.

Get Your WPM From Dolo Coffee Supplies

Dolo Coffee Supplies is your one-stop shop for authentic, high-quality Welhome Pro Coffee goods. We have everything you need to improve your coffee-making experience, from coffee makers and grinders to accessories and replacement components. Don't be shy about contacting us, as our team of specialists is here to help you at any time. Why hold off? Improve your morning brew by shopping at Dolo Coffee Supplies today!