Coffee & Espresso Machine Cleaner

Taking care of your espresso machine is a must, every coffee machine needs some love and care. Make sure you use our eco-friendly cleaning solution for all your coffee makers. We stock a wide range of cleaning solutions and compounds for grinders and coffee machines. Pair the machine cleaner with a head brush or cloth to keep it nice and shiny!

Australia’s Largest Range of Coffee Machine Cleaning Tools

A cup of coffee doesn't taste as good if your machines are not cleaned properly. Allowing time in your routine to clean the group head with a cloth and brush will do wonders for the coffee taste. Try our BWT filters to get rid of any water scale build-up, or make sure coffee grounds are clean and consistent with our Cafetto Grinder Cleaner.


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White Magic eco cleaning cloth 2 pack
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White Magic Eco cloth Coffee Machine 2 pack. The Coffee cloth is super absorbent for spills and residue. Made with nano silver the cloth will stay fresher for longer. The Polishing cloth dries and cleans shiny surfaces streak free.  The...

Cafetto Evo - Coffee Machine Cleaner
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A safe and effective espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines which use organic coffee. Cafetto EVO is OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed as complying with the USDA National Organic Program requirements and BFA (Biological Farmer Association) registered as...

Blind Filter 58mm
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58mm Group Coffee Machines Portafilter Back Flushing Blind Filter Basket

Cafetto Restore Descaller - 4 of 25gr Packs
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A safe and effective powder descaler for removing hard water scale from espresso machine boilers, coffee and milk delivery lines. Can also be used to descale bottles and kettles. Contains a synergistic blend of organic acids that give outstanding scale...


How to Clean Your Coffee Machine?

Every day you should be wiping down excess grounds and coffee oils and residues from your coffee machine or drip tray. Get in the habit of purging water out of the group and steam the wand before and after every use, and this will become part of your brewing routine in no time.

Depending on usage, machines will require a backflush of espresso clean through the group head using a bild filter basket, this basket allows the solution to be cycled throughout the group head of the machine, making sure there is no scale build-up or any other nasty residues.

Some machines require a descale but if you are using a BWT water filter you should not worry about any scale build-up. If you do need to descale your machine please follow the instructions that your machine manual includes, as some boilers should be descaled with the right cleaning solution.

The Best Coffee Machine Cleaners

To avoid heavy cleaning, especially descaling, use one of our WPM water filters as soon as you purchase your machine. If you have had your machine or coffee maker for a while, you can purchase our cleaning solutions by Cafetto. Cafetto is the most popular brands of cleaning products and have everything needed for any machine, so please message us for more information!

If you already have cleaning products handy and just need some extra cleaning accessories, we carry a wide range of group brushes, barista cloths and knock bins to help you keep your coffee bar clean and tidy!



What is the best cleaner for a coffee maker?

The most well-known brand in Australia is Caffetto, they carry a cleaning product for all coffee makers.

What cleans a coffee machine?

Coffee machines get cleaned with citric and non-citric solutions that tear down any coffee oils and scale build-up. All of which are food safe and some are even eco friendly.

What can I use to clean my espresso machine?

Purchase the right product for the right job, if you are looking for a weekly clean you will need a blind filter and some espresso clean for a backflush of your machine.

For daily cleaning, a group brush and barista cloth will keep your machine happy!

How do you clean a barista's coffee machine?

After each working day barista coffee machines will be cleaned, this includes a backflush of water or using an espresso cleaning solution to remove coffee oils and residues.

The group head will be cleaned with a brush and any milk residue will be cleaned from inside the steam wands, ready for the next big day of work.

What is the best descaler for a coffee machine?

Cafetto descaler containing citric cleaning solutions for the best outcome.