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Taking care of your espresso machine is a must, every coffee machine needs some love and care. Make sure you use our eco-friendly cleaning solution for all your coffee makers. We stock a wide range of cleaning solutions and compounds for grinders and coffee machines. Pair the machine cleaner with a head brush or cloth to keep it nice and shiny!

Australia’s Largest Range of Coffee Machine Cleaning Tools

A cup of coffee doesn't taste as good if your machines are not cleaned properly. Allowing time in your routine to clean the group head with a cloth and brush will do wonders for the coffee taste. Try our BWT filters to get rid of any water scale build-up, or make sure coffee grounds are clean and consistent with our Cafetto Grinder Cleaner.


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Cafetto Grinder Cleaner 450g
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Cafetto Grinder Clean effectively removes coffee oils, deposits and flavoured coffee odours from grinder burrs and casings.  Designed for: burr grinders, conical grinders Features: - Registered product for organic use- Phosphate free- Biodegradable- GMO free- 100% natural cereal- Food safe- Gluten...



As a coffee connoisseur, you understand the significance of a spotless coffee maker. A coffee maker that is regularly cleaned will produce coffee that is consistently fresh and flavorful. To clean your coffee machine properly, you'll need the necessary supplies, and that's where Dolo Coffee Supplies comes in. If you're looking for a high-quality coffee machine cleaner, espresso machine cleaner, or both, you've come to the right place.

Finding the correct coffee machine cleaner is essential for enjoying delicious coffee every time. Cleaning your espresso machine with a product made for your model is essential for keeping it free of mineral deposits, coffee oils, and other nasties that might compromise the quality of your brew. Keep your coffee machine in tip-top shape with the best espresso machine cleaning tools and equipment, available at Dolo Coffee Supplies.

Essential Coffee Maker Cleaning Tools

Dolo Coffee Supplies stocks all the essentials for cleaning your coffee machine and keeping it spotless. Among these tools are:

1) Brushes

These are essential for cleaning the coffee maker's outside and interior. Group head brushes, portafilter brushes, and interior brushes, to name a few, come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, each designed to clean a specific element of the coffee machine.

2) Tablets 

These are a quick and easy approach to get the coffee maker back in working order. These tablets can be dissolved in water and run through the machine to eliminate any residue that could negatively impact the coffee's flavour.

3) Descaling Solution

In order to avoid mineral buildup in the coffee maker, a descaling solution should be applied. Regular descales of the machine are necessary to prevent the performance and flavour degradation caused by mineral deposits.

4) Microfibre Towels

To clean the coffee maker, microfibre towels are a must. You can use them to clean the outside and inside of the coffee machine, and they are soft and delicate enough to use without damaging the equipment. For a streak-free wipedown, they work wonders.

You can easily keep your coffee machine sparkling clean with the aid of these specialised cleaning tools, each of which is tailored to the needs of cleaning a different component of your coffee machine.

How To Clean Coffee Machines

Maintaining a clean coffee machine is essential to its longevity and to producing delicious coffee. Instructions for descaler-ing your coffee maker are as follows:

1) Disassemble and clean removable parts: 

Take apart your coffee machine's detachable components (portafilter, filter basket, and drip tray) and give them a good cleaning with hot water, soap, and coffee machine cleanser.

2) Run water and cleaning solution through the machine:

To clean the inside of the coffee machine, simply fill the water tank with a solution of coffee machine cleaner and water and run the solution through the machine.

3) Clean the exterior:

Keep the coffee maker looking its best by wiping down the exterior with a moist cloth once in a while.

4) Rinse With Water

After using the cleaning solution, make sure there is no trace of cleaner left in the machine by running clean water through it multiple times.

5) Dry and reassemble

After rinsing the machine, dry all the components and put it back together so it's ready for the next usage. Before turning on the machine, be certain that it is correctly connected to the power source and that all of its components are in place.

If you follow these guidelines, your coffee machine will last for years to come, and your brews will always be as fresh and flavorful as the day you bought your coffee machine.

Uses and Benefits of Espresso Machine Cleaners

For optimal coffee flavour, it's important to keep your espresso machine free of mineral deposits, coffee oils, and other contaminants. If you use an espresso machine cleaner, you can preserve the life of your coffee machine and keep your coffee tasting as fresh and great as it should. An espresso machine cleaner is an investment that pays for itself over time by extending the life of your coffee maker.

FAQs About Coffee Maker Cleaners

How to use an espresso cleaner?

  • Mix espresso cleaner into the water in the machine's reservoir.
  • Just like you would with water, put the cleaning solution through the machine's brewing cycle.
  • You should give the machine a good rinsing with water to get rid of any leftover cleaner.
  • If more cleaning is required,  repeat the process.

How to clean coffee machines?

Here are some guidelines for cleaning your coffee maker:

  • Turn off the power and take out the carafe, the filter, and the coffee basket.
  • Use warm soapy water and a towel for cleaning these components.
  • Dry the exterior of the machine after wiping it off with a damp towel.
  • Use a descaler or a bit of white vinegar mixed in with the water to fill the machine's water tank.
  • Put the cleaning agent through the machine's normal brewing cycle.
  • You should give the machine a good rinsing with water to get rid of any leftover cleaner.

What can you use instead of a descaler in a coffee machine?

You can use white vinegar in place of a descaler if you don't have one. Fill the water tank with equal parts water and white vinegar, run the machine through the brewing cycle, and then thoroughly clean it with water. This is the same process as using a descaler.

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