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Tamper 58.5mm & 53.5mm

Tamper 58.5mm & 53.5mm

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Choose from a wide range of handle materials and styles to match your coffee setup.

Our Coffee tampers are made with precision in mind and are a perfect fit to all our coffee gear.

For a tamper to be efficient, it must have a precise measurement in order to make sure all your coffee is pressed evenly and cover most of the surface area in your filter basket.

This is where we stepped in to create a sharp-edged tamper, packed with weight to help all Barista levels control their tamping pressure and precision.

We designed this basket for domestic and commercial use, keeping our measurements to a 0.05mm variance, to make sure you have precision coffee tamping every time.

Pair our 58.5mm tamper with our depth adjuster to eliminate the need to check your tamping level! Easily fit the depth adjuster to any of our 58.5mm tamper to always tamp your coffee flat.

Depth Adjuster:

PESADO has developed a unique tool for our tampers. A depth adjuster provides the ability to adjust uniform tamper level and pressure ensuring even more precise and consistent extraction yields.

Using the same coffee, grind and volume, anyone can get the same extraction results, perfectly precise, every time. This tool is designed to simplify the tamping process in busy environments or where multiple baristas are involved.

Note: The depth adjuster can be retrofitted.

Product Specifications

Tamper Base - 316 grade stainless steel.

POM Handle - Polyoxymethylene. An engineering thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.

Modular Timber End - Birch wood vacuumed dyed, coated in a heat and water resistant wax. (Available in our signature timber modular ends, Riga and Iris).

Dusk & Haze Modular Ends -7-tone resin blend set in a honeycomb aluminium mesh. Available in our 2 signature colours Dusk and Haze

TAMPER HEIGHT: 3.54 inches

53.5mm Tamper - 1.08 lb
58.5mm Tamper - 1.20 lb

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