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BWT PSJ Prefilter Systems

BWT PSJ Prefilter Systems

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BWT PSJ Prefilter Systems

Available are the Fibre Block Carbon Ctg 10" or 20" DOE Jumbo Prefilters.

PSJ Prefilter Systems from BWT are designed to filter water prior to reverse osmosis systems or as stand alone filter systems.
The PSJ Systems utilize high capacity jumbo filter housings in 1 high 10” and 2 high 20” sizes, in single and twin configurations.
Inlet and Outlet connections are 3/4” bspm for easy connection to existing pipework or braided SS hoses.
The housings feature a vent button, to assist in air bleeding and a downstream pressure gauge to measure water pressure and filter life
(when on demand). The high capacity Fibron® dual purpose filter cartridge is provided with every system. The Fibron® filter cartridge
reduces sediment, chlorine, taste & odour from the mains water giving protection to the ultra fine reverse osmosis membranes.
A mounting bracket and handy housing sump spanner are also included with the PSJ system.

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduces sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, taste & odour
  • Protects RO membranes from chlorine degradation
  • 4 models available – standard (1 high) and high capacity (2 high) systems in single & twin configurations
  • Pressure Gauge – to measure downstream water pressure
  • Vent – to relieve pressure and vent air when changing the filter cartridge
  • Utilises high capacity Fibron® cartridges for optimum performance and life

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