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Puck prep should be done with precision at all times, weigh in - weigh out!

The coffee dosing tools we stock will allow you to weigh in your shots at maximum accuracy while maintaining a clean coffee bar.

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Pesado Dosing Cup
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Command a more efficient workflow by dosing into the Pesado dosing cup instead of directly into your portafilter. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter...

Tiamo Dosing Cup
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Command a more efficient workflow by dosing into a small cup instead of directly into your portafilter. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter...

Coffee Accessories Dosing Ring 58mm
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Dont waste coffee grounds. With the use of our new Coffee Accessories Dosing Ring, you will be able to be efficient and effective with your coffee process. The dosing ring is metallic and has magnets attached to the bottom so...

Rose Gold
Dosing Ring (58mm)
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The Pesado Dosing Ring is an adjustable dosing tool created for efficiency and effectiveness. With a height adjustment you can create the perfect coffee, by allowing the coffee to be evenly spread on any basket size. It eliminates the error many...

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The ESPCUP by WPM allows you to sift your coffee grounds, breaking them up and evenly distributing them into the filter basket. How it worksPlace the ESPCUP on your portafilter, pour your coffee grounds into the ESPCUP and turn the...

Tiamo Dosing Ring
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The gold Tiamo dosing ring is a simple tool created to help baristas dose coffee neatly into the basket. The Shot Collar sits in the ridge of your basket edge and acts like a funnel. This makes dosing simple, keeps your work...

WPM Dosing Cup
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Utilizing the wpm dosing cup to efficiently dose straight into the cup to achieve a consistant workflow. This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter...

Dosing Funnel
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Dosing funnel for grinders, this tool is perfect for ensuring no coffee is wasted when dosing in to your portafilter. The bottom of the funnel is designed to suit a 58mm portafilter.

Tiamo Cupping Spoon
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A professional slurper needs a professional spoon. This wide, deep and slightly heavier Tiamo branded spoon even comes with a protective pouch. Carry this cupping spoon with you at all times incase a cup near you needs testing.

Tiamo Measuring Glass
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The Tiamo measuring glass is perfect for dialling in your espresso machine and grinder settings and the square shape allows 2 shot glasses to sit closely together under a double spout format. *Dishwasher safe. Measurements:1 oz/30ml1.5 oz/45ml2oz/60ml

The Artisan Barista - Scale Tray
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Are you needing a larger scale to weigh out your portafilters or needing more space for your pour over stations, and not wanting to buy two seperate scales... don't worry, we have created your solution. Transforming our original Artisan Barista...

Artisan Barista Lotus Click Tamper
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The Lotus Click Tamper is designed to give the user consistent, effortless pressure every tamp. With a pre-calibrated spring inside the central chamber, and the addition of 3 interchangeable springs you have complete control over your tamp. Available in both 53.5mm and 58.3mm sizes to cater...

53.5mm Tamper
58.5mm Tamper


Coffee dosing refers to the amount of coffee that goes into a cup. When this is done wrong, your coffee will end up too weak or too bitter. Dolo Coffee Supplies solves this problem with coffee dosing tools to help you prepare the perfect cup of coffee and take your brewing skills to the next level. 

Coffee dosing and coffee dosing tools typically include a dosing cup, dosing funnel and coffee dosing ring. 

Popular Dosing Tools You Should Be Using

Coffee dosing requires a select number of tools to enhance the overall experience while measuring an accurate dose of coffee for each of your beverages. Some of the tools are crucial, for example, a tamper and coffee grinder, while other tools such as a scale and thermometer are optional. 

Dolo Coffee Supplies are your go-to for all your essential dosing tools so that you can make the perfect brew time after time. Some of these tools include:

Coffee Dosing Ring

This is a very important accessory when it comes to helping with inconsistent dosing and to reduce waste. It is important to make sure that you choose a dosing ring that will accurately fit the portafilter basket. It is also important to choose a coffee dosing ring that is easy to install and easy to keep clean. A 54mm dosing ring is made to fit a 54mm portafilter perfectly. 

Coffee Dosing Funnel

Unlike a coffee dosing ring, a coffee dosing funnel assists with directing the grinds into a portafilter basket which helps to avoid messy accidents. This is a very important accessory to level and distribute coffee grounds. The coffee dosing funnels also come in different sizes, including the popular 54mm coffee dosing funnel. 

Coffee Dosing Cup

A coffee dosing cup is designed to offer an efficient and tidy transfer of coffee between the portafilter and the grinder. A 54mm coffee dosing cup is compatible with the 54mm portafilter. This accessory also helps to achieve accurate doses and minimal waste. 

What Is A Coffee Dosing Cup?

The coffee dosing cups offered by Dolo Coffee Supplies are the ideal tools for beginners. Coffee dosing cups assist with helping to measure the coffee grinds correctly according to the brew method used. This helps with moving the ground coffee to the portafilter with minimal mess. 

How To Use A Coffee Dosing Cup

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a coffee dosing cup:

1. Place the coffee dosing cup under the grinder chute before grinding the coffee.

2. Place the portafilter over the coffee dosing cup upside down and then flip the portafilter and dosing cup over. 

3. Collapse the portafilter on a bench to make sure the grinds are falling back into the basket and stop the coffee grinds from mounting in one place. 

4. The grinds will now be ready to be distributed evenly in the portafilter basket and tamped. 

Coffee Dosing Tools FAQs

What Is A Coffee Dosing Cup For?

Coffee dosing cups are regarded as the ideal tools for any beginner entering the world of coffee. These cups essentially assist with measuring the accurate amount of coffee according to the brew method. This tool can also assist with avoiding a mess on a counter when moving the ground coffee into the portafilter. 

What Is Dosing In Coffee?

Dosing coffee is a term that basically references the grinding needed or the correct amount of coffee for the filter basket, which is comparable to taking the correct "dose" of medication. Too little won't be very effective, while too much, won't taste very good. 

What Does A Coffee Dosing Funnel Do?

A coffee dosing funnel is designed to provide convenience. They also help to prevent a mess when it comes to transferring the ground coffee into a portafilter basket. A dosing funnel also serves the purpose of evening the grind out in the portafilter basket which helps to guarantee a more consistent brew. 

Can You Tamp With A Dosing Funnel?

Yes, you can tamp your coffee with a dosing funnel. Tamping is a process that is designed to remove the air pockets and gaps between the grinds. This results in a secure seal around the portafilter's edges. When done correctly, this will create an even and flat bed of coffee grinds, which promotes a more flavourful extraction when the water passes through. A dosing funnel is often used to increase the height of a portafilter which helps to prevent overspray from occurring from the coffee grinder. 

Start your Dolo Coffee Journey!

Coffee dosing is one of the ultimate secrets when it comes to enjoying a tasty cup of joe. The process involves creating the ideal balance of quality, amount, temperature, and water. When you get all these factors right, you will achieve the best-tasting cups of coffee. 

To ensure your dosing is accurate, you can either use a scale or a coffee dosing cup. These are both tools that are designed to make it easier to achieve the perfect brew. With this in mind, we are sure you will be well on your way to making cups of coffee that you and your family will really enjoy!

Dolo Coffee Supplies stocks high-quality coffee accessories, equipment, and tools. We not only stock the most popular brands including Hairo, Time, Fellow, and more, but we also import and manufacture our own brands. Under a single roof, Dolo Coffee Supplies innovates coffee accessories and equipment from a few up-and-coming brands such as The Artisan Barista, Coffee Accessories, and Pesado 58.5. 

We are one of Australia's largest importers of major coffee equipment and tools brands and work closely with a few of the largest retailers in Australia. If you are shopping for the best coffee dosing tools on the market, please visit our online store to find the right tools to fit your budget or equipment.