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Stainless steel quality coffee tools for all applications. We have automotive paint coated milk jugs ready for commercial use as well as a wide range of domestic accessories to make your coffee machines stand out. Grab a rubber tamping mat to protect your kitchen bench or a knock box for all the messy coffee grounds. At Dolo, you will find a range of coffee accessories for all types of brewing.


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Pesado Barista Apron
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This durable Barista's Apron features adjustable leather straps and steel fittings to fit perfectly to each person.  Removable leather patch protects you and your pockets from heat, water and food, and is detachable for hand washing. ( Width x Height x...

Sttoke Reusable Coffee Cup
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Sttoke reusable coffee cup with Dolo branding.(Sttoke branding on 1 side and Dolo branding on the other) Built with ceramic interior, our cup is designed to provide a consistent temperature and flavour for 3-6 hours to ensure the first sip...

Angel White
Luxe Black
Pesado Barista Bag
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This bag is designed with the professional barista in mind. Carry all of the tools necessary to get you through the day, and to make the perfect coffee! Made of Canvas and Leather, this bag is durable and spacious! The...


Australia’s Largest Range of Cafe Accessories

Don't settle for any less when investing in coffee gear. Browse our wide range of coffee accessories at premium prices.

We supply the essential coffee machine accessories for all coffee makers. Start off with a WPM grinder to get the perfect coffee grounds, then move on to our accessories for espresso machines like latte art milk jugs. 

It does not stop there; we also carry accessories for manual coffee makers such as the fellow prism attachment for those on-the-go coffee situations.

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You will find value in all our popular brands such as Coffee Accessories, Artisan Barista and Pesado, ask us how you can get 10% off on your first purchase!

At Dolo we care that you make the most out of your coffee journey, so if you’re not happy with the product, we will try our best to help out.

Our showroom is open for everyone to come to try any of our coffee accessories. Would you like to do a test pour of the milk out of the jug before buying it? Come visit us! If you are still unsure what to purchase, contact us so we can guide you in the right direction

Coffee Machine Accessories FAQs

What is the thing called that holds the coffee?

A coffee cup, server, mug or measuring cup is one of many vessels you will see liquid coffee in. Most home baristas like to store their coffee grounds or beans in vacuum-sealed containers to keep them fresh at all times.

What equipment is used in coffee?

Coffee is either hot or cold. Depending on how you brew the coffee, you will need different types of equipment however, it will usually involve water at different pressures, gravity or pressure.

What does every barista need?

The question is, what do they not need! A barista is always looking for the next gadget or accessory to step their game up. 

What is the container on the top of the grinder commonly called?

That is known as the coffee hopper, usually at sizes of 1.0L but depending on the grinder they can be as low as 200g.