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BWT Bestmin Coffee Filter



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BWT Bestmin 100 M Coffee Filter Cartridge

BWT bestmin COFFEE is an innovative filter that is ideally matched to BWT bestaqua
reverse osmosis systems. Reverse osmosis allows dissolved substances capable of leading to undesirable deposits – such as limescale and gypsum – to be removed from the water. The process thereby also eliminates chloride, protecting coffee machines from corrosion. Reverse osmosis thus produces an exceptionally pure water, albeit water that lacks something essential: minerals! They need to be added using the BWT bestmin COFFEE filter in order to perfect the brewing process and the sensory quality of the coffee.

In this filter, special mineral granules ensure targeted remineralisation, while colloids and bacteria (log6) are trapped and removed from the water in a membrane module (0,1μm), enhancing the purity and microbiological integrity of the water.


BWT bestmin COFFEE – The mineral-giver

  • For perfect remineralisation of water following reverse osmosis treatment
  • Setting the mineral balance of Mg and Ca to an ideal ratio
  • Neutral pH value for optimum coffee extraction
  • With additional membrane filter stage for removing suspended solids (colloids) and microorganisms
BWT Bestmin Coffee Filter

BWT Bestmin Coffee Filter