Coffee Brewing Tools

From the AeroPress to the classic Bialetti, we've collected a list of our favourite filter coffee brewing gear and equipment. Ideal for coffee gifts and home brewing.

Grinders, coffee makers, and much more can be found here. You'll need these coffee tools to produce cafe-quality coffee at home.

We hand-picked the best coffee brewing equipment for creating delicious coffee at home and at work.


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AeroPress Paper Filter
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Genuine paper filters for Aeropress. 350 filters in each pack.

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The AeroPress is ideal for any coffee lover looking for a rich and smooth cup of coffee without acidity or bitterness. Brews one to three delicious cups of American or espresso style coffee in about a minute, and clean up...

Aeropress & Grinder Kit
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The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler.  The coffee is steeped for between 10-50 seconds (depending on grind and preferred strength) and then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the tube. The filters used...

Aeropress Precision Filter
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This filter is made of 100% stainless steel; odourless and tasteless, it filters without tarnishing the taste of your extraction. Additionally these reusable filters reduce waste and the minimize absorption of essential oils. The holes are laser cut with precision...

Glass Coffee Server - Stainless Steel Lid
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The new glass coffee server by Tiamo features a sleek stainless steel lid. Perfect for use with a V60 pour over cone, Aeropress or Delta Press Size: 400ml

Round Coffee Server
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Designed to complement the V01 cone coffee drippers and the Tiamo Kettle, the V0 drippers can be directly sat on the top of the Coffee Server for extraction.

V02 Ceramic Pour Over Cone
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The Pour Over method is a very gentle and efficient method of coffee brewing, providing full clarity of flavour. The main tool is a V01 or V02 ceramic cone with conical grooves to guide the water through the coffee. These...

Woodneck Coffee Dripper
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This coffee brewer is a simple to use vessel made of high quality, borosilicate glass. The traditional drip method showcases distinctive flavours and aromas of your favourite beans in a full bodied brew. The woodneck insulates for easy handling and...


Australia’s Largest Range of Coffee Brewing Tools & Equipment

A coffee kitchen appliance can be as small as a Bialetti stainless steel stovetop, to a capsule coffee machine. Coffee lovers cannot just have one apparatus, most see themselves purchasing a home brewing kit such as a V60 filter setup or splashing some cash on an espresso machine!

Let us pick the right coffee maker for you because quality coffee at home is just a click away.

What is Brewing?

Pouring hot water over ground coffee beans and letting it to brew is how brewed coffee is prepared. A filter, a percolator, or a French press can all be used to accomplish this.

The art form stays the same but the coffee beans and products are advancing at a fast rate. Every year there is a new product that coffee lovers cannot resist buying, whether it is a new style of filter dripper or the latest colour trends applied to your coffee maker. As new products are released, more boutique and fancy coffees are released which will need only the eBay products to control variables such as the temperature of the water, the weight of the beans or total brewing time.

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At Dolo we prefer manual brewing. We cannot resist a single-origin made coffee with an electric kettle and V60 Kit, but we understand that taste is subjective and that is why we offer a wide range of coffee makers.

We offer tools for espresso machines as well as automatic coffee machines for all you coffee lovers out there.

Try the latest in coffee brewing with our products from Hario and TiAmo, such as the 400ml server or a trendy new colour of V60 dripper by HARIO

If you need a Buying guide for your next coffee maker, call or message us so we can help pick the right one for you.


Coffee Brewing Machine FAQs

Which method of coffee brewing is best?

The most delicate and the one with the most taste is pour-over coffee, made with drip coffee makers or filter coffee makers

Is it cheaper to brew your own coffee?

A stovetop setup or french press is the cheapest and easiest way to get a cup of coffee

What's the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine?

A coffee maker makes it for you while a coffee machine has a manual element to it.

What tool does a barista use?

Grinders, dosing tools, barista scales and commercial coffee machines are at the top of the list.